Dining face depending on skin type

Author: admin Date: Вск, 14 Апр 2013 15:39:19 +0000

CoverIf you have very dry skin from nature, or it has get a effect of the other reason, strive to lubricate her vitaminized cream to three times a day, focusing on fine lines. A serum can be used repeatedly even in a case when, later 20 min of treatment you will not find a trace of him.For aging face cream is efficacious with lower water capacity. Later such making on the face should remain easy fat trace.For dry skin with pronounced age-related changes required vitamin fat cream. Use it correct using a tampon soaked in salted aqua. Several minutes a 7 days cream application is recommended to combining with self-massotherapy.Owners of fat and porous skin must clear it before every application of cream. This may be done by means of exceptional cosmetic lotions or chilled broth of herbs (sage, horsetail). Read more -->

How to prevent a appearance of freckles

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CoverIt turns out that in February, should beginning taking care of that freckles are not there. Before you go out, specifically on a sunny day, you must to wipe the face with strong brewed green tea, then apply a sunscreen with high SPF.Striking makeup, It is possible to apply the powder and concealer - they will better protect a face with the sun, but too thick to apply still need not be.Same posts:Cover Body maintenance skin homeMask Face care for teensMask Anti-Aging Masks for fase. . . . . Read more -->

Lash conditioner

Author: admin Date: Втр, 09 Апр 2013 14:57:37 +0000

MaskAir conditioning for a development of eyelashes. To improve the condition of eyelashes, doing them thick and long, but as well prevent further thin hair loss, It is possible to use air conditioning AdvancedLash. The means for a development of eyelashes: colorless, easy to apply and highly efficacious.In just 3-4 weeks you will be able to accomplish the desired effect: grow long, organic lashes, to increase the volume, to make them thicker and darker. The product contains organic plant ingredients, through which you will not alone speed up a growth of a lash, but also beginning a process of progress in a however-called "dormant follicles."Air conditioning may easily be ordered online on a website www.advancedline.ruSimilar posts:Mask Masks and face care womenMask Skin care dailyCover Care of a young woman's skin. . . Read more -->

Service of a neck skin: a mask and scrub for a neck skin

Author: admin Date: Птн, 05 Апр 2013 19:08:14 +0000

MaskWeekly make a mask for the neck and peeling. Apply a scrub and cover correct in a evenings, of the you enjoy processed a face tonic. Rinse off the cover or scrub, wipe again with a neck skin tonic to restore a normal pH of the skin, impaired when wash. Again, use the cream. In ordering not to stretch a skin, doing all these procedures need be directed to the touch with the neck to the position of her. Requires the like upkeep and decollete.Resembling articles:Mask Face and aging bodyCover Facials in 28 yearsMask Face care acne. Read more -->

Skin Care. Care for ordinary, dry, any and combination skin

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CoverForever maintenance of the facial skin is designed to solve 3 problems: cleansing, softening and protection with the harmful effects of the environment. With pieces of facial skin are removed her own life, dust, cosmetics, creates optimal conditions for all its vital functions: breathing, heat exchange, excretory, safety and other indispensable cleansing of a skin at the age. A most common way of cleaning - wash with aqua. However, a stratum corneum exposed to water capable of swelling. For this reason, we adhere to the reference of the wash only in the mornings. To cleanse a skin in the evening suggested to use lotions, creams, liquidity, oil, juice, etc.Reminder: do not often apply soap or soap and cream - you dry a facial skin. Read more -->

Moisturizing Facial Mask

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MaskMoisturizing facial covers are vital for dry, dehydrated, sensitive and flaky face, how it instantly hydrate the facial skin and restore organic moisture balance and skin how well however soften and restore skin elasticity and suppleness. Hydrating mask made from organic products (dairy, fruit, fresh vegetables, etc.) and are a perfect addition to creams. You saturate a skin with vitamin and other nutrients. Your application is useful for all skin types. But you are essence for mature, aging facial skin that needs a unique ingredients that may erase a traces of time: reduce wrinkles, restore and renew the face, to charge her extra energy. Hydrating mask from a generator recommended 3-4 minutes a week, home hydrating mask - every time.Resembling posts:Cover Anti-Aging Masks and skin careMask Face in winterCover Body care skin home. Read more -->

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