Caring for normal skin

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MaskPractically in most cases the face carried out in the first and evening.Early facial skin leaving. Rinse a skin with a gentle water at rooms temperature (or slightly cool) without soap or polish with a a little piece of ice in a direction of a facial skin lines. Do not use soap. In ordinary skin it is used TWO-3 minutes in a week however however not to overdry the skin. After rinsing (rubbing ice) dab the facial skin with a wiper: it is used to a face with a slight pressure. Drained of the person after ablution, regardless of skin type.Tip: You can not be rude to wipe a face, because the facial skin is stretched and with premature skin wrinkles appear.If, after rinsing or wiping a ice fluid is used to the facial skin, getting wet when It is possible to leave a some moisture on a facial skin. Read more -->

Use of skin covers. Applying masks

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CoverBut before the cover off, you must to properly cleanse the skin. Particularly efficacious cover however peelings, following steam bath or hot compress. Apply a cover to a massage lines.Face mask can be used with a brush, sponge, brush, cotton swab or fingertips. All this need be immaculately clean out.Later that, for greater effect it is desirable to cover a facial skin with heartwarming gauze or aluminum foil.Cleansing, anti-inflammatory, astringent and clay masks, and covers containing good fruit, vegetables and cereals, dry face Thoroughly wash off with lukewarm aqua (with a cotton swab). To strengthen the effect in the water, you can throw in grapefruit breeding juice or apple cider vinegar (a tsp. In a glass of water). Read more -->

Dining skin depending on skin type

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CoverIf you keep very dry skin with nature, or it has get the effect of the other reason, strive to lubricate her vitaminized cream to three times every day, focusing on fine lines. A cream may be applied repeatedly even in a case when, following 20 minutes of application you will not find a trace of him.For aging face cream is effective with lower water capacity. Later such making on the skin should remain easy fat trace.For dry facial skin with pronounced age-related changes required vitamins fat cream. Apply it better using a tampon soaked in salted water. Some minutes a week cream treatment is recommended to combining with self-massotherapy.Owners of fat and porous facial skin should clear it before any application of fluid. This can be done by means of special cosmetic lotions or chilled bisque of herbs (sage, horsetail). Read more -->

As to keep your teeth healthy

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CoverHowever maximize a life of the teeth and everyone can, if he wants to be healthy and nice.1st of all, the teeth should be cleaned elementary, and 10-20 seconds, for 3-5 min, just do not should all his strength to scrub them with a brush to quickly complete a process - as you do not scrub, but damage a enamel. But a thorough cleaning - it is right: it need not alone clean out the position that is visible to all, and all the recesses and crevices between teeth - then we may talk about your purity.Brushing the teeth is indispensable not alone in a satisfying but in the evening, and later dinner does not hurt - not want to leave a ground for bacteria multiplication and prosperity.Alike posts:Cover Masks for skin in a coldness seasonMask Attention of a woman 18 years old's faceMask Masks for skin without makeup. . . . . Read more -->

Covers for a treatment of skin irritations

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MaskWhen irritated skin and dilated vessels rightly to cover a hunter. Rightly chopped herbs Hypericum (0.5 tbsp.) mixed with water (1 spoon), then add corn and olive oil (1 soup spoon, too), and butter solutions of vitamins A and E - may be of capsules. All the ingredients are well mixed and applied a mix on the facial skin for 15-20 minutes, wash off with cold h2o. This cover helps even under severe irritation, while nourishing and moisturizing a facial skin.The mask of irritation with the fresh egg and a butter: with? yolk mix TWO tsp a fruit breeding juice (like pomelo), throw in the like quantity of fat cottage cheese and 1 teaspoonful vegetable oil. All ingredients are well mixed and used on a skin for 20 minutes. Wash off the mask with cold-blooded water.A cover of sour cream (fluid, fat curds) and the recent fruit juice too quickly relieves irritation. Read more -->

As to prevent a externality of freckles

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CoverIt turns out that in February, want start taking care of that freckles are not there. Before you go out, specifically on a sunny time, you claim to wipe a skin with strong brewed green milk, and then apply a sunscreen with big SPF.Striking makeup, It is possible to use the powder and concealer - they will better defend the facial skin from the sun, but too thick to apply yet must not be.Similar posts:Cover Skin care without serumCover Facial '24Cover Facials aging body later 30. . . . . Read more -->

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