Steam bath with a decoction of herbs

MaskSteam bath with a decoction of herbs - a real gift for the skin. A steam removes dirt penetrated deeply and relaxes the face. Biologically efficacious substances masks and creams if used after steam bath, act with maximum effect. Herbal blend has a beneficial capacity on a skin, soothes, heals and softens. How, bay leaf improves circulation at the surface of the facial skin, removes toxins and licorice. Essential oils impart flavor teas and infusions, and you activate a brain centers and relax the aging body.For steam bath may be used some 10 drops of oil in 1 liter of water. In a summer, when the dust, sweat and sebum assorted in cementing pore structure (also saturated by bacteria), blackheads appear not alone in adolescents. A pores of a skin not alone opened and cleared, but also disinfected in boiling water, add a handful of chopped herbs celandine, plantain, sage or burdock.Perfectly cleanses the pores and softens a face daisy (TWO tablespoon Spoon I liters of boiling h2o, let stand for 2 minutes with the lid closed). It is ideal for owners of very dry skin.Steam bath of calendula flowers perfectly dries and heals small wounds. If a facial skin has some flaws, the calendula is simply irreplaceable. Brew it as good however chamomile flowers.If a skin is too dirty, you can use for a steam bath flowers of oregano. Oregano cleanse the face of dirt, dust and grease. The advantage of oregano is that it not alone cleans a pores of the skin, but it perfectly tones.Similar posts:Mask Care of a girl's facial skinMask Face care in 27 yearsMask Facial after a chemical peel.

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