Caring for normal skin

MaskPractically in most cases a facial carried out in a first and evening.Reasonable skin service. Rinse your face with a mild aqua at placement temperature (or slightly cool) without soap or clean with a piece of ice in the direction of the face lines. Do not use soap. In ordinary skin it is applied 2-3 minutes in a week how how not to overdry the skin. After rinsing (rubbing ice) dab the facial skin with a wiper: it is used to a facial skin with a slight pressure. Drained of any person later ablution, regardless of skin type.Tip: It is possible to not be rude to wipe a skin, because the face is stretched and with untimely wrinkles appear.If, of the rinsing or wiping the ice fluid is used to a facial skin, getting wet when It is possible to leave a some moisture on the skin. How, before going out to have wet skin very dry. Effect of freshness, excitement, a hurry up of blood to the face and redness reached its short temperature aqua (or ice cold-blooded), and a slight pressure on the skin when getting wet towel. In normal face sensitivity to its place of purification of h2o (ice), you can use lotions, creams and liquids.Soften a face. It is advisable to apply lower-fat cream. Use a thin layer of cream with lightness Tapping movements of a fingertips on a face lines: on the forehead - with a growth of eyebrows to the hair on a head, around a skin eyes - from a inner corner of a upper eyelid to the outer, outer corner of the lower eyelid to the nose, and on it - on the back position surface to the upper edge of the auricle. In these places, the serum need be applied to a 4-th (unnamed) with your finger. On the cheeks and chin use the serum covering a movements of hands. You can spend massotherapy serum tea spoonful, heat in hot aqua (or in a glass under the tap of the tap). Spoonful need not be too hot (do a test on hand). Massages are performed by a person skin lines on skin of the neck and upper chest. Length 1-st TWO minutes, so 5 min. A procedure improves blood circulation. A fluid is better engrossed by the skin. She speedily moistened. Of the the massage, a facial skin has wet cloth.Skin protection. Normal facial skin does not require especial protection! It serves however a permanent create-up. Those with dilated blood vessels on a skin, for the protection of the skin in a winter time it is recommended to apply creams that do not contain water or melted goose fat, internal melted lard, however right as olive, corn, sunflower butter.Evening care of rule face. Ablution a face with mild water, pleasant to the touch. Apply white bathroom soap with serum preferably 3 minutes a 7 days. Coarser soaps may cause overdrying a face. Instead of soap is desirable to use kefir, yoghurt or fresh egg, mashed with vegetable oil. One of these funds should be used to the facial skin in a direction of a lines for TWO-3 minutes before washing the skin with a cotton swab or just the hands. Instead of wash a skin may be cleaned ready lotions or lotions, home-prepared.Alike articles:Cover Facial without makeupMask Part of a carefully care of the face and bodyCover Face care for pregnant.

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